Tecadi and Nor-Feed partnership

Last week #Tecadi joined Nor-Feed’s Partners Meeting in Paris. The meeting focused on sharing strategies that shape the future of botanical solutions for natural feed additives, shared updates on ongoing projects and the positive results achieved so far, as well as potential opportunities, alongside with other partners across the globe.

Additionally, Tecadi visited FeedInTech “labcom” a joint lab between Nor-Feed and the SONAS laboratory, one of the leading labs in the world focusing on pharmacognosy – the study of medicines based on natural, rather than synthetic sources. The atmosphere during the visit was characterized by open communication and shared enthusiasm.

Overall, the meeting proved to be a valuable opportunity to strengthen Tecadi and Nor-Feed partnership and was followed by Nor-Feed’s 20th anniversary celebration in Angers! #saponins #polyphenols #citrus extracts #botanicals